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I haven’t done much with this site since I uploaded the template. I still haven’t figured out what I want to do when I grow up. Yes, chronologically I’m old so the window for growing up is getting smaller every year but who really cares?

The problem, really, is I do a lot of things because I’ve always done them as hobbies.

I web design without nice looking certificates to hang on the wall; not even the online ones from sites like w3schools. Lately I’ve been making WordPress templates to sell on a number of different sites. Some of them will be free but I’m still in the creation process and haven’t decided which or how many will be.

I “play” with php code. You’d think being as old as I am (Not telling but I’m old. Trust me on this.) I’d stop learning but it’s something you never want to do until you just can’t learn anything more. I laugh at the kids straight out of college who think they know everything. Some of them think that while they’re still in college. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening. Back to the point of the paragraph which is php code. In the previous paragraph I talked about WordPress templates which are… you guessed it… php based. There are a slew of nifty things you can do with templates these days, so I’m learning. Always learning. I’ll speak about that in an upcoming post though I don’t know exactly when I’ll write it.

I work with graphics but have no formal training in that, either. Because I’m up there in age, my eyes are going so I do less and less in this area because there are always imperfections I don’t catch until much too late. I still throw my hand in there and create when some idea just won’t be denied. That does happen sometimes when the creative bug is biting.

I write. Ditto on the formal training. The college I attended had a lousy program for English majors unless you wanted to spend the whole four years analyzing classical literature. Honestly, it’s not that I hate classical literature. Quite the contrary, in fact. The biggest problem was that I had already read most of the classical literature that was to be used. Easy A’s perhaps but so totally¬† boring as to bring tears to spend an entire 4 years in such a situation. You go to college to learn and I would have paid out lots of money and learned nothing. Of all the things I do with my time, writing is the hardest. I’m a dullard. I bet some of you “younguns” don’t know what that word means but being a dullard means I can’t think about much to write about that would be interesting.

I’m a reader; a voracious one. I can read anything no matter how tortuously bad it is or how far removed from my preferred genres. Recently, I learned how to do e-book formatting. I downloaded a public domain book from the Gutenberg project, in text format, and reformatted for epub (ebook format). That was not fun. Because it was a txt doc it had all kinds of hard returns which I had to remove along with setting up chapter headings and building a table of contents among other things. But I did it. The other thing I did was read the book while I was formatting it. That’s a problem with being a fast reader. What was I reading? “Pollyanna Grows Up”. Now, I told you earlier that I’ve read the classics but this was not one of them. I’ve never been a Pollyanna fan, even as a child. I was readying The Odyssey in 3rd grade for crying out loud. But I read it because that’s what I do. Can’t seem to help myself. Someone puts a book in front of me, I’ll read it, regardless of subject matter; sometimes with regret.

The truth is I didn’t regret reading the Gutenberg book. While Pollyanna is not my cup of tea, I can see the appeal for people who like such stories which made it enjoyable in its own way. I’d probably make a great editor for a publishing company somewhere because I CAN read anything but, once again, no formal training.

Plus, I can write which means I can also edit. While I didn’t pursue that English degree in college I chose a major which was at least as much writing as that English major would have been: Psychology. Yes, I have a degree in it. Graduated with honors, too, though it was a near miss since I had coasted through some history classes with easy Bs and had a C in a class with a professor I couldn’t stand. And please don’t take this “About Me” page as a serious attempt to impress some of you with my writing ability. This is my conversation voice. This is what I would say if I were sitting down with you for an informal meet and greet, though probably not in one long monologue. I’d have to have time to learn about you, too.

Given everything I’ve said above, try going to a job interview with that kind of background. Throw into the mix that I lied about it being what I’d say to you at an informal meet and greet. Why? Because when speaking to people I’m shy and quite tongue-tied. While I can write it out for you and it may sound slightly interesting, when I speak it’s as if it’s the dullest thing in the world and people are soon bored to tears.

I think it’s my accent. I look and sound and act like the hillbilly I was born, none of which indicates the mind inside. However, when I speak, it’s as if my IQ drops 50 points; or more since it would take more than 50 points to put in developmentally disabled range. And knowing this makes me shy and tongue-tied. Vicious circle, no?


In addition to all of that I cook and bake and sometimes sew. Yet, I’m a horrible housekeeper. Cleaning bores me to death. I do only as much as I have to, to keep the place habitable. Since I cook and bake, doing dishes is a never ending task but I don’t mind since it affords the opportunity to repeat the cooking or baking process. There’s something soothing about it for me.¬† I rarely have a recipe and when I do, I usually wind up changing something about it to make it more palatable. Not that it’s not good without my “tweaks” but I want it to be “damn good” as hubby often says. As a matter of fact, I’m going to start the dough for some cinnamon rolls as soon as I’m done writing this.

Sewing, not so much. Not that I don’t enjoy it, too, but it’s darn difficult to get supplies because sewing is becoming a lost art. I live in Nashville but the closest fabric store is 20 miles away. Isn’t that terrible? Besides, it costs more to create your own than to buy it at, say, “Wallyworld” (Walmart) and not being able to get a job doing any of the various things I love to do, well… sewing is a quite costly hobby which makes it a very infrequent one.


I think that about covers it. Besides, I can always edit if I think if anything else. Yall have a great day!



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